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Beyond Oneness + Limitless life

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Beyond Oneness

BEYOND ONENESS is a fine art masterpiece of Jan van der Greef, a high end coffee table book produced on the finest paper and the best materials available.

The fine art book comes with an insert including translations in Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish and Chinese.

The blend of enchantingly beautiful figurative, impressionistic and abstract images creates a bridge to sense the otherworldliness. Visual poetry at its best.

The flow of themes, provides a glimpse into ‘timeless and spaceless’, the indescribable. It is a gateway into eternity, resonating with deep feelings of purpose and existence.

Dream and live your own dream, feel the connection with all there is and ever will be.


“This is photography written in capital letters, an artistic transition from the ordinary to the otherworldliness”

Jury of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 describing his winning image The Vision.


Product description.

Fine art book

Book cover : Fine art cloth covered hardback
Book: A coffee table book with image inlay, using the best paper and materials available

Language : English
translation insert including: Dutch/ German/ Spanish / Italian/ French/ Swedish/ Chinese

Format : 300×320 mm

Content : 148 pages, including 68 fine art images

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Limitless Life


English edition – autobiographic travel stories

The rediscovery of a 19th-century book
reveals the magical power of passion and imagination,
which proves to be crucial in the life-journey of the author.

Limitless life takes us into flow of life,
where boundaries fade when it is discovered that they just exist in our minds.

During his many nature photography trips, life’s challenges are transformed in wisdom.
An inspiration for everyone on the journey of discovery, called life.

Product description.


Book cover : Hardcover

Language : English or Dutch

Format : 135×170 mm

Content : 256 pages