Jan van der Greef is a highly acclaimed inspirational and motivational public speaker, with a depth of presence. He is well known for developing and executing vision from a leadership within, with over 30 years’ experience in leading international research, discovery and innovation teams in the field of life sciences in particular systems biology. His presentations are an integration of science, philosophy and fine art and connect the inner and the outer world.

His wonderfully emotive talks guided by his breathtaking images of nature are impactful and have entertained and inspired thousands of people all around the world. He has received many awards in science and from prestigious international photography competitions. He is also an accomplished author with three published books: ‘Reflections of the Inner Self. Dreams and Vison of Nature’, ‘Limitless Life, the power pf passion and imagination’ and his recent fine art masterpiece ‘Beyond Oneness, bridging the seen and the unseen’.

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